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23 years ago  today I became a mother.

23 years of pain, solitude, lack of sleep, worry, doubt,  noise, dirty diapers (ok for only about 5 years, I had 2 children), havoc, constant mess, stains on all my clothes, droopy boobs, a body gone to slack, fatigue, depression, worry, doubt, loss of self,  and the list goes on....


But it was all worthwhile for all the love, laughter, giggles, sunshine, sense of being, selflessness, fulfullment, pride, joy, doubt (yes, doubt can be both negative and positive), did I say love, constant surprise, wonder.... actually words are not strong enough to convey the wonderful feeling it is to be a mother, especially a mother to my son who never ceases to amaze me (and to my daughter as well, but it's not her birthday today... ;-D )


He's turning out to be a wonderful person, a man, just starting out in the adventure of adulthood, with its own share of pain and wonder and great things that are and that are to come.


Thank you for being in my life my dearest J.


Happy Birthday!!!



oui, bon c'est aussi l'anniversaire du festival de cannes... j'y peux rien!!


Note: aujourd'hui l'envie d'écrire cet article m'est venue en anglais, désolée, c'est comme ça, peut-être parce que je parle à mon fils qu'en anglais... 

Bon anniversaire à lui....

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sylvie 12/06/2012 17:44

ravie de te retrouver, bisous

clothogancho 16/05/2012 11:30

Cet émouvant message me rappelle une chanson, je ne sais plus si elle était d'Anne Sylvestre ou de Marie Laforêt.

Bon anniversaire à cet homme que tu as porté et qui vole haut et fort !